At Borum, designing and manufacturing customised, high quality truck solutions is one of our core competences. Truck solutions give you a high capacity, which means that you can work more efficiently on big road marking jobs. In addition, trucks are very visible on the road and in many countries this is of great importance when considering the safety in the traffic.

Furthermore, truck solutions are very suitable for doing repair-works in regions with great distances; by using a truck you can drive straight up to the job, do the job immediately upon arrival and drive on to the next job, without having to load/unload a trailer with a self-propelled machine.

The cabin can be heated or air-conditioned according to the climate you are operating in and if needed, the driver can sleep in the truck when doing jobs far away.

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The Borum truck range includes:
- small and medium sized trucks based on a range of modules to choose from
- larger scale line marking truck with the possibility for customizing the solutions in close collaboration with the Borum team
- supply trucks built in accordance to your requirements- hand-work trucks- pre-marking vehicles
The experience of developing truck solutions with many different customers has formed the base for an efficient modular design. We focus on delivering professional truck solutions where ourextensive experience with line marking equipment will benefit our customers.

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The truck can be supplied to work with cold paint and a variety of application methods. Your truck can be equipped to make single, double or triple lines in one pass, depending on your choice of specifications.
Borum trucks are equipped with the Borum LineMaster computer, giving you total control of the line marking application. In general, truck solutions allow for very efficient line marking work to be performed.

Borum trucks around the world

Norway, UK, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Portugal and Turkey are among the countries where Borum trucks operate within road marking and airport marking jobs.


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