It's straightforward

Borum A/S develops, installs and services high-quality equipment for road marking, which improves road safety all over the world.

We have decades of experience in road marking and will be the most profitable partner in the world for innovative and professional solutions for road marking.

Borum A/S is obligated to:

  • Focus on quality, efficiency, user-friendliness and operational reliability in the development and fine adjustment of solutions.
  • Ensure that our professional pride and our craftsmanship is evident in all of our solutions.
  • Provide an extremely high level of customer service, which covers access to technical assistance in all of our markets.
  • Develop robust and reliable road marking equipment with a focus on long lifetime, safety and an absolute minimum of repair and maintenance
  • Ensure an efficient training of the end user, so that the solution functions optimally on-site
  • Comply with the relevant legislation and regulatory requirements and other provisions
  • Work to create value and collaborating with quality-conscious suppliers and establish the same requirements with the outsourcing of services, which are applicable to our own services
  • Include the customers’ requirements and expectations in all of the processes to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Ensure that we retain our high level of competency through new thinking, quality awareness, and dedication
  • Involve our employees and ensure that they feel they are valued and heard
  • Develop and constantly improve processes and our business operations

Borum is quality certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2015. The quality policy is reviewed once every year.


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