The right solution and machinery depends on the volume and type of upcoming jobs. For small manual jobs and areas with limited spaces, Borum is offering a flexible and easy to use solution.The Borum manual screed boxes can be used for handling manual extrusion jobs with a thermoplastic material (E.g. parking lots, repair and maintenance, STOP lines, ZEBRA crossings, etc.). Besides being straightforward to use, the Borum manual screed boxes also ensure that no time is wasted on loading and unloading.

Line Types

Line types that can be applied with this product

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Manual screed box 5 cm(volume approx. 2L)Manual screed box 10 cm(volume approx. 4L)Manual screed box 10+10 cm(volume approx. 10L)Manual screed box 12 cm(volume approx. 5L)

Manual screed box 15 cm(volume approx. 6L)Manual screed box 20 cm(volume approx. 8L)Manual screed box 24 cm(volume approx. 9L)Manual screed box 25 cm(volume approx. 10L)

Manual screed box 30 cm(volume approx. 12L)Manual screed box 40 cm(volume approx. 16L)Manual screed box 50 cm(volume approx. 20L)Manual screed box 60 cm(volume approx. 24L)


The Borum manual screed boxes can be used for marking one line up to 60 cm or a double line of 10 cm in one run. The thickness of the line can be from 1.5 mm to 5 mm. Antiskid material can be pre-mixed in order to make the markings less slippery.


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