It pays to drive a Borum

With today’s high traffic density, completing the job quickly is vital both for everyone’s safety and comfort and also very much for economic reasons. Therefore, the quality of the line marking machine is of the highest importance for the contractor. This ensures a reliable line marking machine with a low risk of the machine breaking down mid project. This is one of the reasons why our professional, robust and efficient machines sell even though they are not the cheapest – because it pays!

Know-how on wheels

We are continuously developing the necessary expertise for innovating our products based on theory and decades of experience, close dialogue and collaboration with professionals - customers, material suppliers, other producers of machinery, etc. Here, knowledge and experience goes hand in hand to deliver continuous improvement and cutting-edge solutions incorporating the latest technology, all in order to make your working day easier and more efficient.

Dedication is in our DNA

We value an on-going dialogue – before, during and after sales – because this is how we can make sure that the solutions we provide you with fully meet your expectations. We are glad to use the feedback that we get from our customers - we listen to our customers and implement many of their suggested changes into our design.

Advanced simplicity

A line marking machine from Borum makes complex tasks easy to manage. Our focus is your everyday requirements, and this is what our machines are designed for. A Borum machine keeps on working throughout the day, every day, all year round. High quality components ensure a minimum of maintenance. With Borum’s technically advanced line marking machines you benefit from a product of the very highest quality – right from each individual component to the total performance of the machine.

From one professional to another

Borum is one of the leading supplier of line marking equipment throughout the world. Our vast experience and knowledge combined with a close collaboration with our customers listening to their feedback being the real life, line marking expert users, ensures professional products of the highest quality.

Based on custom requirements we offer flexible modular based line marking solutions satisfying any possible need anywhere in the world. And we continuously lead the way by constant developments that make the product range future proof.

Global business. Local service

For road marking contractors, completing a project on time and on budget requires the right machines, materials, and a skilled operator. However, even with a great team and perfect road marking conditions, issues can arise that effect operations and require support.

That’s when a road marking equipment supplier who can provide quick backup, reliable service and on-site training is vital. Borum guarantees you a worldwide experience brought to the local market by local partners with local service and knowledge.

Borum holds an extensive stock of spare parts, ready to be shipped off within 24 hours. When problems cannot be solved over the phone, Borum has trained technicians to provide on-site service on your machines.


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