Ideal for smaller, manual road marking jobs, the Borum trailer with thermoplastic preheater prepares and fills the hot thermoplastic directly into a hand screed box. Alternatively, it can be used for filling a self-propelled machine, if fitted with a filling system.The BM TR 3500 trailer can be supplied with preheaters of sizes 250L, 300L, 400L, 500L or 600L. The trailer has a strong welded profile frame, 2 steel torsion spring axles and an EU brake system.

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  • Length : 3900 mm
  • Width : 1850 mm
  • Height : 2000 mm


BORUM thermoplastic preheater fortrouble-free heating of block, granulate or liquid thermoplastic material. Efficient vertical double mixer arms, which ensure uniform heating of the material. 50 mm heat isolation. Hydraulic forward / reverse transmission. Preheater driven by efficient hydraulic power unit. Propane gas or diesel oil burner system can be supplied for heating.BM ID-250, ID-400 or ID-600. Indirectly heated preheater.Capacity of 250L, 400L or 600L.Hydraulic motor with agitator bearing.Start/stop/reverse valve for agitator drive. Vertical agitator with double arms and paddles. Material container surrounded by heat transfer oil, to distribute heat. Oil-heated centre pipe in material tank. Oil-heated materialoutlet.The preheater is equipped with a thermostat for thermoplastic material and for heat transfer oiltemperatures from +50 to +270° C. Includes an integrated display showing actual temperatures.BM D-300 or BM D-500. Directly heated preheater.Capacity of 300 L or 500 L. Hydraulic motor with agitator bearing. Start/ stop/reverse valve for agitator drive.Agitator with double arms and paddles.The preheater is equipped with a thermostat for thermoplasticmaterial temperatures from +50 to +270° C. Includes an integrated display showingactual temperatures.

Power station

BM PS-9 Hydraulic power unit7.0 kW (9 HP) at 3600 rpm. Aircooled 1-cylinder diesel engine.83 L diesel oil tank with level control and diesel oil filter.4,5 cm3/rev. hydraulic pump with safety valve66 L hydraulic oil tank with filter.Alternator 12 V DC/65 Amp. Engine foundation with vibration absorbers.Diesel oil burnerDiesel oil burner for 12 V DC power supply,Propane burner Propane burner with electric ignition and safety system. Active flame control.

Hand screed boxes (optional)

Thermoplastic screed boxes used for road marking and repair work. BORUM manual screed boxes are supplied in the following widths: 5cm, 10cm, 10+10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm, and 50cm. Screed box holderFor up to 5 units of hand screed boxes. Integrated holder for sheet stencils.Heat cabinet For screed boxes for maintaining the screed box warm during transportation.


Propane bottle holder - For 2 units of 17 kg or 33 kg pro-pane bottles.Automatic roll-up of hose for gas-hose when working with handheld gasheater.Auger pump as filling systemA filling system for transporting the melted thermoplastic from the preheater on the trailer to a material tank on a marking machine can be supplied as extra equipment.An auger pump can be mounted on a single ID-preheater. The pump is driven by a hydraulic motor. The pump and pivoted material pipe is heated by heat transmission oil, which is circulated by a hydraulically driven pump.The capacity is 45 L/min, when operated by a PS 15, provided with extra large hydraulic pump.


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