Powerful and robust, the Borum Line Eraser is a must-have for road line removal.Ideal for small jobs or on-the-spot corrections, the Borum Line Eraser is a powerful, walk-behind line remover. When Erling Jensen purchased his first Borum Line Eraser for his Danish road marking business EJ Vejstriber in 2005, he was impressed with its performance. Today he's the proud owner of three Line Erasers, as well as a larger unit designed for mounting on vehicles.For effortless line removal, the Borum Line Eraser can't be beaten.Although the Line Eraser has benefitted from a few improvements since it first hit the market, the machine is just as compact and easy to maneuver as ever."The Line Eraser is easy to operate and maintain," says Erling, "and we never have any problems with our machines."

Line Types

Both cold paint and thermoplastic markings can be removed with this product.

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  • Width : Operation width: Up to 25 cm


  • Length : 1140 mm
  • Width : 600 mm
  • Height : 900 mm
  • Weight : 204 kg

Trouble-free line removal

For trouble-free line removal, the Borum® LineEraser is easy to handle and operate. Designed to remove old traffic markings of all types. Ideal for small jobs or on-the-spot corrections, the Borum Line Eraser is a powerful, walk-behind line remover.


The Borum® LineEraser is compact and easily maneuverable.A dual belt drives the cutter head assembly outfitted with three cutters:- To remove thin layers (e.g. cold paint markings) use the 48 pin carbide cutter.- To remove thicker layers (e.g. thermoplastic) use the 24 pin carbide cutter. Made of Tungsten Carbide, both versions provide optimum wear resistance. And the tilt-up cover makes it easy to maintain and change the eraser heads.Borum LineEraser works extremely efficient by breaking the coating and scraping across it simultaneously and leaves no sharp-edged grooves in the surface.


Weighing in at just over 200 kg, the Line Eraser is robust and stable. And with two front wheels and two swiveling back wheels, it’s remarkably easy to manoeuvre for its weight. As far as performance goes, for road markings with a thickness of 1 mm and a width of 20 cm, the Line Eraser can remove about 200 m an hour.


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