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Terms of Sale

Borum A/S

Terms of sale and delivery, General Conditions ORGALIME S 2012 (available on request).

Addendum to ORGALIME S 2012:

On completion, all operating functions on machine manufactured by Borum A/S, are now proven by rigorous test procedures, including a material application test. Consequently, this latter test does mean that minor material marks can be left on the machine.

A Test Certificate together with a Certificate of conformity of EU will be issued with all machines.

Manuals for machines are in English as standard but can be delivered in other languages.

The delivery term is Ex Works (EXW), unless otherwise agreed.  This provision replaces Clause 10 of the ORGALIME S 2012 provisions.

In accordance with this agreement, the venue for each claim shall be the sellers place of business so that any dispute arising between the parties in connection with this agreement or related claims has been agreed to be settled by the City Court of Aarhus, or at the Western High Court if the value of the subject matter exceeds DKK 1.0 mill.

This provision replaces clause 46 of the ORGALIME S 2012 provisions and clause 47 of ORGALIME S 2012 still applies between the parties.

No arbitration proceedings have been agreed by the parties under this agreement.

Re-export of equipment from Borum A/S to the North American market is not permitted.


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