Extract from the article "Advances in road marking" from World Highways, May 2012

Borum is finding its road marking machines and equipment in demand in South Africa and Iraq. Based in Pretoria in north-eastern South Africa, Lanino Traffic Markings recently purchased its second Borum machine, having been impressed with the performance and reliability of their first, bought in 2007.

The terrain the company works on ranges from remote and mountainous to flat plateaus containing busy highways, carrying up to 200,000 vehicles per day.

“You need a strong machine to work the mountain passes and the Borum 5000 is ideal,” said Lanino director Joos Joubert. “Also, because some of our jobs take us up to 1,000km from the office, a comfortable and reliable machine is a must.” Lanino also purchased the LineMaster, Borum’s on-board computer system. To help Lanino operators get acquainted with the new computer and machinery, Borum provided onsite training.

“We’re up to speed on the new features and we all know how to programme the computer,” explained Joubert. “It provides a range of valuable information, such as application rates and GPS coordinates. And its line cycle accuracy is impressive.”


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