Borum has just delivered to the Spanish market one new unit of their line of truck based systems for road marking – Borum Megaroad.

The Managing Director of Borum, Ole Munch, says: “It seems that there are not a sufficient number of high quality truck solutions readily available on the market. Therefore Borum has now decided to answer to this demand and to focus on the needs of the contractors, who are looking to buy new truck solutions.”

Simplistic design of a complex solution.

Borum is already well known for their self-propelled road marking machines, which is the core business of the company. However, Borum has been building the occasional road marking truck for the last 10 years. Each and every truck has been designed and built specifically to each customer’s request. There are Borum trucks in Belgium, Norway, Spain, U.K., Australia and Portugal – just to mention some of them.


This experience of developing truck solutions with the customers has formed the base for a more simplistic modular design. The new strategy with a focus on delivering professional truck solutions as a supplement to our existing range of self-propelled machines is commented by General Sales Manager Karsten Kristensen: “It’s straightforward - We want our customers to benefit from our experience – and at the same time it is a business opportunity that we cannot overlook.”

The truck solutions will be available in various sizes and for both cold paint and thermoplastic application. The larger units will be multi-functional trucks able to work with both cold-paint and thermo-plastic, there will be trucks for marking in both sides at the same time, thereby saving time and money, and there will be trucks for airport marking with the possibility for marking up to 1,5 m. wide lines. The smallest truck unit, the Mini-truck, fits into a standard shipping container and can be used for either cold paint or hot thermoplastic application.

To summarize - there will be trucks for every requirement, as long as you are looking for a reliable, high quality solution.

What are the criteria for making a good road marking truck solution?

Anders Byriel, Service Manager at Borum, says: “I am convinced that one of the reasons why customers choose a Borum solution is the maintainability. The feedback I get from our customers is that the Borum solutions are very reliable, they are working as expected from the moment they are delivered, and when it comes to regular service the customer is able to do it himself without assistance from experts. Of course if they need any help they will call me, but that rarely happens.”

Why choose a truck solution?

Truck solutions give you a high capacity, which means that you can work more efficiently on big road marking jobs. Furthermore, truck solutions are very suitable for doing repairworks in regions with great distances; by using a truck you can drive straight up to the job, I:\MARKETING\Artikler\World highways\Truck solution\Editorial_truck_solutions_final.doc do the job immediately upon arrival and drive on to the next job, without having to load/unload a trailer with a self-propelled machine. Also the cabin can be heated or airconditioned according to the climate you are operating in and if needed, the driver can sleep in the truck when doing jobs far away. Also trucks are very visible on the road and in many countries this is of great importance when considering the safety in the traffic.

The right tool for the job.

“At Borum we believe that many professional road marking companies will realise a need for adding a truck to their road marking equipment. Having both self-propelled machines and a truck solution will ensure that the right tool is available for every job”, says Ole Munch, Managing Director at Borum.


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