The marking out of airport runways makes very special demands on the contractors professionalism, his attitude to safety during the work and, in particular, the operating reliability of the equipment, as the marking work often has to be carried out between the take-offs and landings of the aircraft. This spring, on the German island of Sylt, a Borum machine was used to refresh the markings on the runways of the island´s airport. The work was done by the German company Markierung NF, which won an open tender to mark three German airports. For this purpose, Markierung NF uses a Borum BM C 350-2A machine fitted with an airport marker.

The airport marker is an extension arm for the machine´s usual retainer. When it is fitted, you can apply stripes up to 100 cm broad in a single application (depending on the pistol setting). As soon as the airport work is completed, the airport marker can be removed and the machine is once again ready for ordinary road marking work. It’s straight forward! Borum has supplied machines for airport marking for many years, including a BM 500 equipped with an airport marker for Thule Airbase in arctic North Greenland, where the climate and the short period of time available for marking during favourable periods of weather make extreme demands on the machine.


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