”At Borum they do that little bit more”. So said David Evans, Contract Manager of Linkline, UK, when Linkline declared Borum to be their “Supplier of the Year 2005” Explaining their choice, Linkline said that Borum provides excellent after-sales service on its products, and in particular, is capable of supplying spare parts to Linkline in the UK within 24 hours. Linkline has found no other suppliers in the industry that can match this rapid service. Every year, Linkline awards prizes for the best supplier, best subcontractor, and best staff member. Each of these is carefully selected by Linkline´s staff. This year, Linkline´s contract team chose to award the title of "Supplier of the Year 2005" to Borum Industri, because "they do that little bit more".

Borum is naturally very proud of being chosen, and the award of the prize was celebrated with a glass of champagne at Borum´s stand at Intertraffic 2006 in Amsterdam, where Tom Henrick, managing director of Linkline and contracts director Paul Aldridge, also participated in the festivities. The prize is accompanied by a cash sum, which Borum, in consultation with Linkline, has chosen to donate to a British charity, CLIC Sargent. CLIC Sargent was naturally very happy to accept the sum, which will go towards caring for children with cancer. Linkline has also invested in a new Borum machine, and is thus ready to take on even more road marking work in the UK.


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