English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Chinese, Russian, Farsi, Norsk, Italiano -  you make the choice. The modern IT technology of the Borum Line computer gives you all possibilities.

The new Borum LineMaster is designed with memory for the language you need to operate. Select the language on the computer and you are in operation. Operators having different languages – no problem – just switch. We continuously update the computer with new languages.

This makes the Borum machine really global – ready to operate in every country – and when relocating the machine to another country and a new operator – you just switch the language.

And during the marking you have all options available.

  • Choose Automatic, semiautomatic or manual operation mode
  • Easy choice of Line types from your own line menu
  • Easy switch between line types directly from the screen
  • Adjustment of Line / gap when remarking
  • Speed information on the screen
  • Indication of low tank (calculated value)
  • Trip-counter, manual or automatic mode
  • Speed related material output for equipment with pump
  • Information about length and area which is marked
  • Calibration of pulse-meter
  • Keep track of each job by naming them in the computer

And much other information - in your local language – it can’t be better!


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