Meet Shannon Road Markings

Established in 1989, Shannon Road Markings offers experienced and professional road marking services throughout Ireland. The company started as a family business working in the Belfast area and then expanded year by year throughout Ireland. Their projects vary from marking car parks to motorways and are mainly focused on thermoplastic markings.

The right price at the right time

In 2010, Shannon Road Markings bought their first Borum machine for thermoplastic application - a BM SP T 350-2. The machine was just returning from a trip over the Atlantic from an exhibition in Brazil. “It was the right price at the right time” Mr. Shannon points out. There were not a lot of Borum line marking machines at that time in Ireland. Despite this, Mr. Shanon explains that the “quality of the machine” is what made him take the decision to purchase a Borum. Furthermore, the road marking company were no strangers to the Borum brand as they had already been working with Borum preheaters from 2005.

Reliable solution for all marking jobs

“The day it came off the boat it worked solid… It was quite diverse.
We could do whatever we wanted with it, without much disruption to traffic.”  
The BM SP T 350-2 was among the last of its generation before Borum introduced the Master series. It was supplied with equipment for spray plastic application, extruded thermoplastic markings and rib line.  
“Reliability – it does what is says on the tin”  
As Mr. Shannon mentions, the machine is designed to be solid, but flexible, which together with the diverse equipment allowed for work to be done on very narrow roads. So from small roads to motorways, the Borum machine has been able to support markings on all types of surfaces and conditions.  
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