Reliable machines, a high level of service and ongoing technological development has made Borum one of the world’s very best brands of road marking machinery. The Indian company Mark-O-Line Traffic Controls (P) Ltd. has been one of Borum’s business partners for many years, and their experiences with Borum have been nothing but positive.”We have very stringent performance requirements and need specially adapted machinery that can handle the working conditions in India, including the high temperatures. We are not willing to compromise on quality, even when working conditions are difficult.

Borum supplies us with professional machinery, and they are always able to meet our needs and desires,” says the company’s managing director, Mr Sanjay Patil, who is very proud of the fact that his company applies 15 to 17 tons of thermoplastic in every working day (a 150mm continuous line applied over 35 km) using just one Borum road marking machine. The quality of the work is the very best, and the good quality saves materials. These two factors are crucial for Mark-O-Line Traffic Controls (P) Ltd., ensuring that the company can be competitive in a market in which the time taken to complete a road marking job is very important. It is therefore essential that the machine is reliable.


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