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Road markings provided with Dots have been on the market for some years. The main advantages with Dots are:

  • the retro reflexion is generally higher because of the many vertical "walls"
  • rain water will not collect on the upper surface as on a flat line

"At the same time we are also interested in driving as fast as possible while doing the markings - and with our experienced driver we reached a working speed of 3,6 km/h already on the second day of work, which we think is very good for this kind of markings. Within the first 2 weeks we have accomplished 40 km of Dot'n - Line markings. We can definitely recommend the equipment from Borum for this kind of work!

Commissioning of new Borum road marking machine for Dot'n Line application in Germany

A team of Borum technicians went to Germany in the beginning of October to start up and train the team of the company Markierung NF, who just purchased a new Borum® Master 3000 for thermoplastic Dot'n Line application.

Owner and Manager of the company Markierung NF, Frank Buhmann, says:"The most important for us is naturally that the lines we make fulfil the requirements in the BAST approval for baseline with dots (BAST is the German Federal Highway research institute). This approval requires a line of 1,9 mm thick base-line provided with Dots being 3 mm thick, having a diameter of ø20-ø25 mm and placed so that the line has 750 - 800 Dots per m2. There is also a requirement for the pattern of the dots on the line."

"In order to fulfil these requirements you need the proper equipment. I acquired my equipment from Borum as I have many years of experience with the quality level from this company."

"However, working with this kind of equipment is new to us and requires more instruction of the operators. Before start-up you also need to consider which material is the proper thermoplastic material for this kind of application. When starting the work itself, the main challenge is the correct adjustment of the temperature for the thermoplastic material when applying the line, opening and closing times for the equipment, etc. To make the marking as easy as possible for the operator, Borum recommended installing a cruise control on our machine, which we find is a major advantage. With the cruise control my operator can concentrate on doing the marking knowing that the speed will be constant whether it goes up hill or down hill."


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