Inspired by our customers’ requests for a higher dispensing capacity for bead guns we have made some changes in the BM C30 which means that this bead gun now delivers glass beads at a rate of up to 21 kg/min at bead tank pressure of 2 bar, which is available on our truck solutions.


The bead tank pressure on the self-propelled machines BM 350/500 is max 1,3 bar, corresponding to a bead capacity of approx. 15 kg/min and for the BM 250 it is max 1,2 bar, corresponding to a bead capacity of 11 kg/min.

The new, more compact design of the diffuser takes up less space and at the same time makes it possible to better adjust the position for ideal distribution of the beads.

Due to the new design it is also ideal for dispensing large reactive beads.

The BM C30 Automatic bead gun works with atomising air for bead application – recommended minimum air capacity of compressor of 200 L/min per gun. It is suitable for all roadmarking machines with compressed air.


The BM C30 secures a constant bead distribution with manual infinitely variable regulation of the bead quantity. It can be used with pressurized bead tanks as well as unpressurised bead tanks. Horizontal mounting in connection with pressurized bead tanks or vertical mounting of the bead gun is possible.

The bead gun is easy to service and It is also possible to up-grade your old BM C30 by changing the diffuser and nozzle set.


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