Tibergyn N.V. (tibergyn.be) is one of the major players in high-quality road marking in Belgium. The company was founded in 1973, and has a solid 40-year track record of meeting customer expectations.

Company owner, Hans Tibergyn, is constantly on the lookout for good business opportunities that can make the family company more efficient and more profitable.

In September 2013, Tibergyn swooped on the chance to purchase a  Borum Master 5000 DL (Dot'n Line) road marking machine for the 2014 season, to add to the company's already extensive stable of machinery. The new machine is fitted with the distinctive Borum Dot'n Line equipment, and with a 585-litre tank for the special type of thermoplastic material required to make the best quality profiled line.

Easy to switch from one line type to another
According to Hans Tibergyn, the big advantage of the Borum Master 5000 DL for his company is that it makes it remarkably quick and easy to switch from laying flat lines to dot lines.

With the company's new Borum equipment, this important switch is done using the computerised Borum LineMaster control unit.

"Instead of it taking half a day to swap from one type of road marking to another, we can now do it pretty much straight away. This brings us big savings on time and manpower, and makes it easy to do two kinds of road marking jobs the same day," explains Hans Tibergyn. "Switching back and forth has suddenly got a whole lot easier."

Know-how transfer

Hans Tibergyn also expresses his appreciation for the on-site guidance, help and training provided by Borum. As he noted, "There are so many small details to get used to with a new machine, and it's also important that my staff don't get information overload. The Borum guy came from Denmark for four days in the first session, and will be back later once we're familiar with using it, to help make sure we get the most out of the machine's capabilities."

Keeping up with the best
"In this industry, everyone keeps an eye on what kind of equipment other companies are using. I'm really glad I now have a Borum machine, and I've got lots of work for it," declares Hans Tibergyn.

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