Thriving in a 2-component cold plastic market by promoting high-quality road markings

TBD is a family-owned road marking business that was started 8 years ago in Kyiv, Ukraine with one road marking machine. Since then the company’s machine fleet has grown with an average of one machine per year, reaching a current total of 8 road marking machines.

90% of TBD’s road marking projects take place on highways and 2-component cold plastic material is exclusively used for application. One of the contractor’s major projects has been the marking of a newly constructed bridge over the Dnieper river inaugurated in 2018 by Ukraine’s president. In all their work, TBD goes by the belief that marking is a question of safety and therefore, applying high-quality markings is essential.

You need to understand that when you do the marking it’s a question of making the road safer for the people who are using it. - Bogdan Prokopchuk, Co-owner of LLC "TBD"

Bogdan Prokopchuk, Co-owner of TBD shares his thoughts on what to consider when purchasing a road marking machine and his experience with Borum

It creates a special feeling when I understand this is the first Borum (2-component machine) in Ukraine… and it is our company that started with Borum in Ukraine (for 2-component). - Bogdan Prokopchuk, Co-owner of LLC "TBD"
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The first Borum machine for 2-component application (98:2) arrives in Ukraine

TBD’s approach to purchasing new equipment relies on the continuous research of the latest available technology as well as keeping a close eye on the leading suppliers on the market.

As marking in Ukraine is only done using 2-component material, the machinery and materials are more complex to work with. Due to the quick curing time of 2-component material, it is crucial to know how to properly work with the material, handle cleaning, and have equipment that can support you in this process. Therefore, this requires a set-up formed by well-trained staff, reliable and advanced machinery, and the right material.

Communication with Borum started through Baltimark, the sales & service Borum partner responsible for the Baltic countries for the past 10 years who has recently added Ukraine to their geographical portfolio.

Baltimark and their professionalism was one of the things that persuaded us to take this machine - Bogdan Prokopchuk, Co-owner of LLC "TBD"
In this business, there must be well-trained staff, high-quality machines, and high-quality material. - Bogdan Prokopchuk, Co-owner of LLC "TBD"

See the BM 2000 CP T AG D at work

Bogdan also states that the technical specifications of the machine as well as Borum’s quick after-sales support have also played a big role in the decision to acquire what is now the first Borum machine for 2-component cold plastic application in Ukraine.

The BM 2000 CP T AG D for 2-component extrusion, dot, and agglomerate application arrived in Ukraine in June. The road marking machine is already working hard on applying white lines on newly built roads. Check it out in the video!

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