Structured markings are becoming more popular all around the world. Therefore, we get to see new formats being used, which aim to maximize the marking's retroreflection and rumble effect capabilities.

Below you can see an example coming from Stripe-A-Zone, Inc. in the US where their Boum BM 5000 DL machines are applying center lines formed of extruded thermoplastic dot markings as well as dot markings over ribs. This latter combination gives you the best of the two line types, with the rumble effect from the ribs and the retro-reflection from the dots. 

Such profiled center lines placed between opposing lanes of traffic are an efficient way of alerting drivers that they have crossed over into the path of oncoming traffic and act as countermeasures against run-off-the-road accidents and head-on collisions.

Do you use such profiled markings in your area?

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