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Today we bring you an in action slow-mo video of thermoplastic rumble lines being applied in the US by Stripe-a-zone.

Thermoplastic extruded rumble lines produce vibration and noise when being driven on. This makes the driver more alert and warns him that the driving course needs to be adjusted.

Authorities and road markers around the world have found various ways of maximizing the advantages of the rumble lines. One of the most popular set-ups is applying them on the edge of the road in order to avoid driving off the road. Furthermore, we are also seeing in locations as for e.g. USA, Australia, and Denmark rumble lines being applied on the center of long road stretches in order to help with preventing head-on collisions.

If you want to know more about the benefits of profiled markings for road traffic safety, click on the link below.

- it's straightforward
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