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Let's meet - local consultancy at your doorstep

Borum is actively planning small local events, to bring Borum to your doorstep (or close!).

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You're most welcome to visit us at Borum

We always have different machines in production and for testing at our production facility in Denmark. 

If you come to the Borum headquarter in Denmark it could be a good opportunity for you to visit our facilities, and to learn about the different types of machines and equipment available.

See Borum machines in action or try a machine yourself!

  • Talk with the technicians, get answers to your questions
  • Take a tour around Borum HQ
  • Learn more about Borum road marking solutions

👉 On the side, you can see a video of a customer visit to Borum. Regardless of the unpredictable Danish weather, we are happy to show you all of Borum!


Visit the city of Aarhus!

We can help you organise your accommodation during your stay. Usually, we book the accommodation located centrally in Aarhus. And while you are here, maybe you will also find the city of Aarhus worth a visit. Click here to know more about Aarhus!


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