The Quality Assurance Department operates a so-called entry/exit control system. Everything that comes in from the various suppliers such as rotary components and chassis is checked and measured. A rotary component, for instance, that is just a 1000th part of a millimetre out poses assembly problems, and so components must meet ultra-precise measurements. It is essential “not to misread the measuring instrument”, as Karsten Platz explains. Further, there is a rolling system of inspection in place for all assembly work, and then ultimately the finished machine is checked. Before any machine leaves the factory, Karsten Platz and his assistants will have checked, among other things, the computer, machine speed and engine revs per minute. All machines are road tested on a stretch of road to the rear of the production hall, the white material showing that the length and breadth of the road markings are also checked.

Both the fitters and the Quality Assurance Department operate with standard checklists that are filled out, checked and signed. Rigorously implemented, the checklists enable the fitter responsible to be traced. Once a given defect has been rectified, the machine is rechecked. A huge success Paw Boel Nielsen operates with standard checklists that are filled out, checked and signed. For two years now Borum Industri has operated a self-monitoring inspection regime in the form of an exit control system. And it has paid dividends. “It has meant that the defect rate is now absolutely minimal,” says Karsten Platz, who has been with Borum Industri for 22 years. “No two days are alike and I have plenty of challenges. It’s become a bit of a sport to avoid making defects ahead of our exit control. And there’s also the contact with our suppliers, which I enjoy. It’s fun to get quality up and to find the best suppliers,” says Karsten Platz who is a trained smith.

"Everything gets checked. Nothing less will do. Things have to be 100 percent right." The words are Karsten Platz’s, Quality Manager at Borum Industri. In conjunction with Paw Boel Nielsen and Jesper Høgh Knudsen, Karsten Platz is responsible for ensuring that no product leaves Borum that is not quality assured and fully operational."


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