Here are some of the reasons why the Borum Extruder for thermoplastic application is the best!

Excellence shows within the first few millimeters of thermoplastic marking: Razor sharp line-start and line width in accordance with the pre-selected line from the BM LineMaster computer. 

With the Borum Extruder for thermoplastic application you get a uniform thickness over the width and length of the line, even when combining a solid line with a neighboring broken line. Just one even layer of hardwearing road marking, whatever lines you are making.

The quality of the beginning and end of each line and the uniform thickness and width, are key elements when it comes to what makes the Borum Extruder differ from other products on the market. Here are three of the main reasons:

1) Effective hot-oil heating of all significant parts of the extruder ensures that the thermoplastic material does not stiffen and set inside the equipment. Borum uses a centrifugal pump, which opposite to often used gear pumps, increases the flow of oil when the heat transmission oil heats up. The effective heating minimizes and eases the cleaning procedure that can actually be handled during the marking with an almost invisible visual effect on the line but a huge effect on the line quality and the durability of the machinery.

2) A continuous circulation of the thermoplastic material inside the equipment ensures its homogeneous viscosity. This has effect on the quality of the line, but also –and this is of great significance - on the wearing of the extrusion equipment. The circulation avoids settling and catching of the heavy/solid parts (sand and glass) and thereby it prevents unnecessary wear of the mechanical parts in connection with the shutters.

3) Build-in pressure regulating system ensures that line width and thickness does not change no matter the amount of shutters involved in the current marking assignment. Even when extruding a broken line next to a solid one, there will be no negative interaction between the individual lines.

Other features to opt the working experience are the relatively high application speed and the fact that the extrusion performance is 100% automatically adaptable to changes in speed. Within the speed range for extrusion, the BM LineMaster computer will automatically increase or decrease the internal circulation rate according to the speed of the machine and thus compensate for the difference in thermoplastic consumption at different speeds. This releases the operator from a focus-needing task and he can concentrate on other important issues.

What is also unique is the possibility to leave the extruder in idle mode when transporting the machine from one workzone to the next and still have the ability to start up immediately after several hours of pausing – delivering the exact same quality from first millimeter !

As with all Borum equipment, the Extruder is optimized for easy maintenance. Replacement of valves and wearing parts can be handled even on the road if necessary, in the dark and without calling for additional experts. it's straightforward.


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