With a standard nozzle, you have the possibility to apply line widths up to 25 cm depending on line thickness, work conditions, and application speed.

For optimal line quality, we recommend the following specifications:

  • line width of up to 25 cm - 1 gun
  • line width between of 25 - 50 cm - 2 guns
  • line width between of 50 - 75 cm - 3 guns 
  • line width between of 75 - 100 cm - 4 guns 
  • line width between of 100 - 125 cm - 3 guns

We also offer a large selection of nozzle sizes for this type of application. The choice of a nozzle is made based on the capacity of the pump, the number of guns, application speed, layer thickness, and line type. We recommend contacting our Sales Department to determine the right nozzle size for your machine.

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