Thermoplastic material is applied hot and cures on laying. It has good durability and is suitable for use on all roads.

2-component cold plastic material or MMA consists of two parts which are a pigmented resin base and a catalyst. The product cures by chemical activity. With cold plastic, you get a wear-resistant road marking with low dirt pick up.

Cold paint is typically a low-cost marking and has been in widespread use since approximately the early 1950s.

All materials can hold glass beads, for nighttime reflectivity, that are applied to the wet material immediately after the application of the line.

Material consumption is an essential part of planning your road marking jobs as well as correctly calculating your business' revenue.

Calculating the material consumption for your road marking projects can be a difficult process due to the various factors that need to be taken into consideration. From line width and thickness to material density, volume and melting capacity, you need to have a correct overview of what aspects affect your calculations.

Therefore, we have developed an easy tool to calculate material consumption that can be used for cold paint, 2-component cold plastic or thermoplastic.


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