Full problem: When the extruder is up, it registers that it is in down position and the auger speeds up. When the extruder is down to be used it registers that it is in the up position for travel and the auger will not increase in speed to push out the correct amount.

When you lower the Extruder head, we put power to the pneumatic valve for the lifting cylinder.

The valve for the Lifting must be Normally open (NO). So if NO power and air is OK, the Extruder will be lifted.

This power also activates the valve for Dual steering. Meaning that the Steering will be more “hard”. And it Disables the pause mode in the LineMaster.

If you have a normally close (NC) pneumatic valve, for the lifting, it will work the opposite.

Meaning, when the Extruder is DOWN, the Steering will be easy, and the LineMaster will be in Pause mode.

So we think they have a wrong pneumatic valve for the Lifting cylinder.

At our valve islands, the 1. set of valve is a double valve for Bead gun 1 and Bead gun 3.

These valve is 2 x NC valve.

The 2. Set of valve is also a double valve, for Bead gun 2 and Lifting.

These valve is 1 x NC and 1 x NO.

So if the by mistake have swapped the 2. valve, an mounted the 2 x NC valve, you have the problem.

To check if you have the correct valve for lifting, be sure you have air at the valves, remove the power, (Unplug it).

Then the Extruder must go up (Be lifted).


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