If the ID Boilers spills oil, it could be because there is water in the heating oil or it could be that there is too much oil in the boiler.

If there is water in the oil, the water will expand during the heating, and a single drop of water will expand more than 1000 times.

The steam will normally leave the boiler, but during this process, it can force oil out of the overflow pipe and cause an oil spill.

This problem will normally occur when the heating oil has been changed, or if the boiler has been stored and not used in a long time.

The oil will expand when heated. You must expect that oil can expand up to about 25 %. There is mounted an expansion tank at the boiler, this is designed to contain the oil when the oil is expanding.

If the oil level is above the maximum level, there is not enough room for the oil, and the oil will leave from the overflow pipe and cause an oil spill. If this happens, please check the level of the oil again when the oil is cold again.

If the level now is below maximum, you should not add more oil, because the level you have now, is the maximum level. 
Please notice that there are safety procedures when working with Heat oil and boiler, therefore always read the manual carefully before starting.


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