Prevent beads from blocking in the tank

The air dryer system removes the moisture from the air before being supplied to the bead tank and hereby prevents the beads from blocking in the tank. In some geographical areas this is very useful due to high levels of humidity.

The system is adapted from truck/bus brake and suspension air supply. This kind of system is made for better coping with "polluted" compressor air (oil in air) than standard industrial air filters/water separators.

Working principle:

  1. Regeneration tank (Air tank) is charging whenever compressor is running.
  2. Dryer unit captures moisture before air is supplied to bead tank.
  3. Dryer unit will need to regenerate filter now and then. This is performed by the control valve when signal is given from the computer. Tank performs a 5-10sec. blow-back through moisture "filter" and the unit is fit for fight again.


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