Sensor mounted on bead gun, detecting stop of bead flow and giving alarm

Glass beads can be premixed in the marking material before application, or they can be dropped onto the marking material when making the lines. As it is very important for the degree of retroreflection that the Line markings have beads, Borum has come up with the bead alarm to ensure proper bead application when applying lines.

The bead alarm consists of a sensor mounted on the bead gun, detecting stop of bead flow and giving alarm. The Bead alarm can be connected to the BM LineMaster computer. When retro-fitting you must expect to update the software.

The LineMaster will show an alarm when the Bead gun is ON and no beads are leaving the Bead gun. If one of the Bead guns is supposed to open and the sensor does not detect bead flow within 0.5 second the alarm will start. You will be able to hear a BEEP from the horn in the LineMaster and see the alarm in the display. You can also set the alarm to stop the line marking automatically when the alarm has been ative for more than 1.5 seconds.


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