Straightforward and efficient linemarking

The cruise control makes controlling the speed of the machine very easy, can keep a constant preset speed and also ensures a uniform line due to the same fact. Even on inclines it keeps the same speed.

In some cases constant driving speed is essential for uniform and precise line marking, as for the Dot'n Line marking. So here the cruise control makes it much easier and straightforward to operate. In other cases, where it is not as essential for the quality of the marking, it is still a nice feature for the operator to have!

The cruise control from Borum has several different features, and can allow the operator to focus on the line marking job.


  • Constant and pre-set speed enables the operator to concentrate on the line marking job
  • Great addition for profiled line markings
  • Ensures shaped profiled markings have a uniform thickness and form by keeping a constant speed
  • Maintains a constant speed even in hilly areas
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Improved working environment


Basic features:

  • Set speed on the go
  • Acts the same as cruise control systems found on common vehicles
  • User friendly design
  • Make speed adjustment at a push of a button
  • Pre-set 2 speeds for more control
  • Easily activate manual mode with the joystick
  • If no driver is detected in the operator seat for 5 seconds, the line marking automatically stops


  • Extra switches for control over additional equipment (e.g. broom)
  • Key words: Speed control, uniform line marking, precise line marking, efficient line marking
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