Add comfort to your line marking job

Sunshade with 1 rotating warning light is a useful equipment for line marking job during sunny days. 

Thanks to the attached sunshade to the operator's section, you can easily see the screen of Line Master computer and you can focus on the job, without sun distraction. 

The rotating warning light makes the machine visible from a distance, what definitely increases safety on the road.


Please note: This Sunshade is designed to be mounted on a Borum machine.

  • If you transport your Borum machine on an open trailer and the sunroof is mounted, the speed MUST NOT EXCEED 80 KPH / 50 MPH.
  • If the speed should exceed 80 KPH / 50 MPH, the Tarpaulin must be removed during the transport.
  • Furthermore, the Sunshade is not designed for carrying any extra items on top of it (e.g. radios or other items).



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