From city areas to urban and interurban roads, the BM 2500 can handle both smaller jobs and longer road stretches.The BM 2500 is an agile machine with excellent load abilities. It allows for thermoplastic capacities up to 360 liters, 2- component or Cold Paint capacities of 440 liters and for two colors cold paint also 2 x 220 liters.Equipped with the new generation of Borum’s LineMaster computer, operating the machine is easy and convenient.The application equipment can be set to execute lines in widths between 10-30 cm. The equipment on this machine may be used for the application of flat lines and profiled dots.

Line Types

Line types that can be applied with this equipment

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  • Manufacturer : Kubota
  • Cooling : Water
  • RatedPower : 44 kW
  • Cylinder : 4 stroke 2400 cm³
  • Type : Turbo (Diesel)
  • Approval : EU Stage IIIA resp. TIER 3


  • Compressor Capacity : Screw compressor. 1800 L/min @ 10 bar Integrated oil-cooling system. Air-cooler incl. water separator.


  • Fuel tank capacity : 2x 50 L
  • Hydraulic tank size : 70 L
  • Bead capacity : 115 L/170 kg. Pressurized (max 1.2 bars)


  • Drive angle : 12° / 21% (5000 kg)
  • Turning radius : 3.45 m
  • Steering : Hydraulic dual torque steering


  • Hydrostatic transmission : For variable speed, forward/backwards
  • Speed : 0-16 km/h


  • Electrical system : 12 V / 150 Amp


  • Borum LineMaster : Program up to 99 different line types. Organise lines in up to 30 marking programs. 8" display. Transfer of daily marking reports. Data about road marking jobs can be accessed online (optional).


  • Colour : Borum Yellow (Other colours available on request)


  • Length : 4750 mm
  • Width : 1180 mm without equipment
  • Height : 2520 mm


Pressurized material tank and filters in stainless steel for water and ammonium based paints.Option for black steel tanks. The material tank has a filling system with two filling holes. This makes the filling process very easy to manage.Agitator (mixer) Driven by hydraulic motor and with manually operated reversing valve.

Borum Vario Retainer

The Borum Vario Retainer provides a unique possibility to interchange between applications in a very short time, with very few standard tools. When the work is done, the retainer and application equipment can be easily stowed under the machine.The retainer makes it possible to use all application equipment in different positions on the machine.Easily slidable from side to side for an optimal working position. Ground distance is maintained by retainer wheel to ensure a constant road marking width.


Being equipped with an internal mixer for mixing of the paint and hardener and efficient cleaning system that is easily triggered from the machine's computer, the Borum 2-component cold plastic equipment is constructed to provide high-quality road markings. THE BORUM 2-COMPONENT COLD PLASTIC EQUIPMENT (LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM) CONSISTS OF: 1. Separate material tanks for:- Paint- Hardener - Solvent for cleaning2. Feeder system with:- Pump system that ensures the 98:2 ratio for the paint and hardener- Mix for blending the paint and the hardener. The mixing of the material is don internally, so it is not affected by external factors as wind etc., as for external mixing-Pressure valves digitally controlled by Borum LineMaster computer. No need for mechanical adjustment while marking


The pump system consists of a lobe type paint pump and gear type pump for hardener. The two pumps are driven by one hydraulic motor via chain and variable gearbox securing the 98:2 relation between paint and hardener.The system is also equipped with a controller for performing the flushing of gun(s) and mixer.

2-component extruder (98:2)

The extruder is ordered for the specific line width. The line width can be 10-30 cm and the line thickness can be set to 1-3 mm (ribs/profiles can be up to 10mm depending on the material).The extruder head is provided with a quick connector to the mixer head for easy exchange of equipment. The extruder is also provided with a pneumatic cylinder with cleaning arrangement. The extruder is ordered for the specific line width. Available line widths are 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 25, 30 (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 12 inch.) Provided with quick connector to the mixer head for easy exchange of head.Usual marking speed is between 2-6 km/h depending on work and weather conditions, operator experience, etc. Faster application speeds can be achieved.Recommended paint viscosity for extruded lines is higher than 6500 cp and for ribs is higher than 8500 cp.Fitting and exchanging the Borum 2-Component Extruder with other 2-component equipment, such as Dot or Agglomerate, can be done in less than 2 minutes, without the use of tools.

2-component Agglomerate (98:2) equipment

The agglomerate equipment (a spike roller) is mounted under the 2-component extruder, which is slightly wider than the roller (flex shutters).The line width can be up to 30 cm, the line thickness can be up to 4 mm, and the line type is stochastic structure. The equipment can apply markings at a speed of up to 5 km/h depending on the conditions, e.g. material, line type and operator experience. Recommended paint viscosity is above 8000 cp.The Borum 2-component agglomerate is a very flexible one-size unit, made for fitting under any Borum 2-component extruder. The Borum 2-component agglomerate is made to be flexible and easy to use. Once the brackets are placed on the extruder, any mounting and unmounting can be done in less than 5 minutes without using tools at all. Adjusting the equipment to make the exact marking needed is very simple. Once it is done, mounting and unmounting is Click-on/Click-off.The agglomerate application on the road is controlled from the Borum LineMaster. If the spikes on the agglomerate roller need to be thoroughly cleaned, it is easily done by shifting two levers. This allows the spike roller to be put into a bucket with solvent. Overall, the cleaning process does not require any tools to be completed.


The cleaning system is formed by a solvent tank for cleaning of mixer-head, hoses and paint guns. The system is activated via the Borum LineMaster computer. The cleaning process is an automated preset sequence ensuring the correct valves are opening/closing. 36L pressure solvent tank for cleaning of mixer-head, hoses and paint guns. Stainless steel, max 8.5 bar.NB! When working with 2-component whenever the application is stopped, application equipment has to be cleaned from the cold plastic mixture within a few minutes.

LineMaster features

The Borum LineMaster control unit is an easy way of setting and controlling your line marking jobs. The LineMaster is attached to the operator's section of the machine and gives you full control of all your line marking tasks, from line application and pre-marking to reporting and invoicing. It is possible to store up to 99 different line types, and to arrange these in up to 30 different marking programs. You are also able to pre-set line widths, line types and different combinations to have them ready for marking, and can instantly adjust them on the go.Furthermore, you are able to view the status of various parts of the machine (e.g. compressor) on the computer screen that will help with correctly maintaining the machine and avoiding break downs.



Hand paint gun

Pointer turning with steering

With hydraulic lifting system

Fixed pointer

With hydraulic lifting system

Sunshade with 1 rotating light

Cruise control

Remote control for BM LineMaster

Bead alarm mounted on bead gun

Air drier for bead tank

Ejector filling of bead tank

Hydraulic broom


Cone holder

Bar with pneumatic lift for mounting warning lights

(Comes without lights)

Pre-marking system with paint can

Pre-marking system with paint gun

BM Online


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