The Line Striper IV is a small hand guided machine for airless cold paint application with a material capacity of 45 L. The Line Striper IV can equipped with 1-2 airless spray guns and can apply 1-2 lines in one colour.The Line Striper IV is part of the range of small hand-guided machines, Borum powered by Titan, which is the versatile choice for areas with a limited line marking range. Perfectly suited for line marking on parking lots, outdoor public areas, industrial and exhibition areas, zebra crossings, service stations, airports, and much more.The machine is equipped with a PowrCenter, cup holder, pressure control knob, pressure gauge, storage tray, tip holder, throttle control.

Line Types

Line types that can be applied with this equipment

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  • Type : 120 cm³ Gas Honda Motor GX 120; 2.98 kW (4 HP), with Low-Oil Alert


  • Pump : 3” Hydraulic Piston Stroke with max. delivery of 5.7 L/min. Precise pressure control from 27 to 227 bar (400 to 3300 psi)
  • Hydraulic tank size : 5.9 L CoolFlo
  • Fuel tank capacity : 2 L
  • Material Tank : 45 L


  • Type : Hydraulically driven
  • Drive angle : Pneumatic tires for shock absorption


  • Colour : Black frame with white (red)


  • Length : 152 cm
  • Weight : 149 kg
  • Height : 104 cm
  • Width : 79 cm

Spray gun(s) with elevator lift

S-3 stainless steel spray gun with which you can apply a maximum width of 30 cm.Option to choose between 1 or 2 guns.Standard tip size for 1 gun = 0,482 mmMax. size of a tip for 1 gun = 0,965 mm Standard size of tip for 2 guns: 0,431 mm.Max. size of a tip with 2 guns with 0,96 mm.Various tip sizes available.

PowrCenter Dash control

Designed with convenient and easy-to-use controls as pressure control knob and throttle control. Furthermore, for your convenience, the PowrCenter Dash also features a tip holder and cup holder.

SwingBack for easy handling

The operator handle is positioned at a 65° angle in order to make the machine easier to maneuver. This makes handling the machine easier and less tiring.

DEADLock Handlebars

Rock-solid handlebars that will not move once locked into the desired position. Easily adjust handlebars to virtually any position. Handlebars adjust to the user’s height & arm length. Ergonomically correct when attached to any LazyLiner or competitive ride-on driver.

SmartArm with elevator lift

For Easy transportation and Storage. Pivots up for Transportation & Storage and pivots down for Spraying. Locks In At Any Angle For Curb Striping. Makes it possible to store 2 machines of this size (side by side) in most trailers.

LineSite Laser Pointer

Great for start/stops, curb striping, executing perfectly straight lines and training new employees. High-intensity green laser is easy to see in daylight.

Glass Bead Dispensing Systems

Includes hopper, hose and dispenser. 1 or 2 gun kits available.

HandiBead Bead Dispenser

Apply glass beads with consistency and accuracy. Eliminates hand tossing glass beads on stop bar or crosswalk applications. The adjustable diffuser can disperse material up to 38 cm wide.

Windguard Spray shield

Spray shield protects spray pattern from wind, minimizing overspray. Adjustable for easy “on the fly” line width changes – 10, 15 or 20 cm and is easily removed from the sprayer. Attaches to any Titan PowrLiner and most competitive models. Lightweight – only 2,5 kg.

LazyLiner Elite or PRO

Gas Engine with pull or electric start. Speed: up to 19 km/h. Multi-position seat (forward/back, side to side). Height adjustable foot pedals. Attachable tray system as an option for carrying around additional items.

Mechanical pointer

SureTrak Floating Gun Kit

Ensure even application with the SureTrak™ Floating Gun Kit.

Various tip sizes available


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