Preheaters available for quick delivery

Choose between 300L, 500L or 750L material capacity

Borum thermoplastic preheaters are melting, heating and mixing the thermoplastic
material, making it ready for application via the road marking machine. To ensure a continuous road marking process it is important to choose the proper size of preheater.

Take advantage and order a Borum preheater from stock! Purchase a new BM D-300, BM D-500 or BM D-750 preheater.



  • Quick heating time due to the burner only needing to heat the steel of the preheater – no thermal oil as an in-between medium
  • Higher melting capacity due to more effective heating in the preheater, which then heats and melts the thermoplastic
  • Simple construction – no thermal oil reservoir is built into the construction
  • The burner is powered by diesel - easy to handle and refill, not dangerous goods

If you want to know more about the Borum preheaters you can download our technical note right here:



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