Road marker in Jointline Ltd. since 1995

25 years in one company, but 35 on the road – John Hayton has been working as an operator in the company Jointline ever since 1995, making it a 25-year anniversary last year, in 2020.

Not so long after finishing his education in maintenance and construction, John Hayton got an offer to take a part in a 12-month maintenance project of a football pitch, including the lines, which turned out to be a 36-month project. That was the start of the career of John Hayton, where he progressed onto the road marking industry and started at his present job in Jointline.

John Hayton is working in the Bradford branch, in Yorkshire, near the Scottish borders.

Jointline Ltd. specialise in road markings, airfield markings, high friction/coloured surfacing, grooving and line removal and has nationwide coverage in the UK.

The company started in 1987 and kept expanding their fleet, growing ever since the start.

Jointline has a lot of experience with highways and road industry, they are working with numerous partners such as Highways England, Country Councils and regional framework contractors.


90 percent of the time - night shifts, to ensure the safety of the road workers

The amount of traffic in the area combined with the customer's request determine the working time of the operators. The majority of the Jointline projects are taking place during nighttime.

The biggest challenge they are facing is active traffic in the areas where they have to mark the roads. The newly laid lines risk being driven on before it's cured. Therefore, working during the nighttime, with less traffic, lowers the possibility of this happening.

During the night the team gets the roads shut to mark the lines, ensuring the safety of the workers. Probably 90 percent of the time it’s night shifts, as John says. 

Taking on thermoplastic profiled marking jobs with a BM 5000 DL RL line marking machine

Jointline specialised in paint markings for a long time. However, in 2014, they decided to purchase a BM 5000 DL RL machine and enter the thermoplastic profiled markings area. As John says, thermoplastic has a lot of advantages and it fits perfectly for the British weather demands. The company Jointline was the first one to have this type of machine in their area. The machine is mainly used on the local authority roads, England highways.

"Borum machine will do, what it says it will do." - John Hayton, Operator of Jointline Limited.

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John Hayton is very happy with their chosen type of equipment on the BM 5000 machine. Their machine is equipped with a Dot'n line extruder on the right side and Rib line equipment on the left side, making it easy to switch from one equipment to the other. 

The Dot'n line extruder can produce profiled dot markings, extruded lines and more, meanwhile, the rib line box allows Jointline to mark the roads with a baseline with ribs on, in one go, satisfying the needs of all customers.

Also equipped with the Borum LineMaster computer, operators can easily choose to mark the roads with different types of lines, including profiled markings.


J. Hayton highlights, that in the LineMaster computer he likes the feature of a "job zone", where you can save your pattern, download it, and pass it on to another operator.

"By a push of a button it changes the patterns for you. You don’t need to stop, just keep going with the machine. The presentation and the line are 100% there. " - John Hayton, Operator of Jointline Limited.

Communication doesn't stop after the purchase of a machine

"I’ve been in touch with a Borum technician ever since the start. He is very knowledgeable – if we have a problem, he will help us solve it." - John Hayton, Operator of Jointline Limited, talking about one of the Borum Service Supervisors.

John Hayton appreciates the fast response he always gets from Borum. He mentions that when he requests any spare parts for the machine, it is usually sent out the same day, as the order is made.

The spare parts arrive quickly and Jointline is able to continue their work with the Borum machine. This is part of the Borum service policy, when you send an order before midday, it's dispatched the same day. (subject to availability)

"The Borum machine is robust and strong. If it’s well treated and respected, it will do whatever you want it to do." - John Hayton, Operator of Jointline Limited.

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