You can create your own links (e.g. company website) and add them to different groups.

  • To create a new link, you must click on LINKS
  • Now you can create a new link by clicking on CREATE

Before you “Create”, make sure you have choosen the correct Group/Sub group.




• Create a link in the main Group that have been made from Borum. This could be you company website for example.
• Or you could create a link in you group “EAST”. All users with access to group EAST will have access to this link.
• You could also make a link for a sub-group EAST/TEAM 1, then users that have access to EAST or EAST/TEAM 1have access to this link.
• This link can contain any type of files, website, etc. (E.g. a sheet where users must fill in information, a page with information concerning EAST/TEAM 1).


Now you must fill in:

  • Sort Order - the sort order of the different links
  • Name - the name that will be displayed 
  • Comment - a short description
  • URL - the address of the link


When you are done, remember to click on SAVE.

It's straightforward


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