The BM Online® Diagnostic is a Web portal that allows you to easily get an overview of your Borum machine activities from your laptop, tablet or phone.


In order to collect and make the data available online, the Borum machine needs to have the BM Master Control installed The Master Control collects the data from the Machine and sends it to the LineMaster computer. Afterwards, this data is made available in your own account on the BM-Online platform.

Diagnostic data from the Machine is stored on the BM-Online platform for minimum 5 years. This means that you can always access that data and generate reports by accessing your BM Online account. You can also opt to receive a notice by SMS or e-mail 20 hours before the next service, or if the engine, the compressor or the hydraulic oil is overheating.


Borum can also access the diagnostic data, which allows us to better understand your needs. Therefore, we can offer improved support and more efficient solutions, e.g. by foreseeing the need for spare parts, which will improve delivery time.


  • Tool for planning service schedules
  • View of the condition of the machine to prevent breakdown
  • Possibility to receive the best support from Borum
  • No loss of Data


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