The BM Online ® Report is a Web portal that collects reported data from the BM LineMaster

The reported data that is generated from the BM LineMaster is stored in BM-Online. You can access data and generate reports by entering the BM Online Web portal. If data is deleted from the LineMaster, data will still be stored in BM-Online (data will be stored for 5 years).

Reports can easily be generated, by the Web interface in BM Online. LineMasters from Serial no: 73-xxxx supports BM Online. It is possible to update LineMasters with Serial no: 72-xxxx to BM Online Report (P#512836).


  • Reports from LineMaster available Online
  • Location of the machine (When Ignition is On)
  • Possibility to sort the data according to Equipment ID, Job ID, Date, etc. and generate reports
  • Possibility to manually compare the data, with other available on-line data. E.g. meteorological data
  • Generate reports as CSV file (Excel), PDF file or KLM file (Google Earth)
  • No data loss. All information is saved on the Server for minimum 5 years


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