BM 2000

A flexible self-propelled line marking machine for the city, urban areas and smaller roads.

Approval EU stage IIIA / US Interim TIER 4

The BM 2000 self-propelled line marking machine is small and highly agile, perfectly suited for the urban environment and small highway jobs. From city areas to inter-urban areas and even highways, the BM is designed for road marking that requires a flexible and straightforward line marking machine.

See a video of the BM 2000 Basic Machine on our YouTube channel.


BM 2500

A mobile machine for small to medium size jobs.

Approval EU Stage IIIA / US Interim TIER 4

An agile machine with excellent load abilities. With its size and flexibility, it perfectly fits for working in the city, urban environment, main roads and hilly areas. The BM 2500 has a one-seat slidable drive and operator section for a flexible and comfortable line marking experience, no matter if you need to work on the left or right side of the road.

See a video of the BM 2500 Basic Machine on our YouTube channel.


BM 2700

Compact and manoeuvrable self-propelled line marking machine.

Approval EU Stage V / US TIER 4F

From city areas to urban and interurban roads, the BM 2700 can handle both smaller jobs and longer road stretches. Operating this self-propelled BM 2700 machine is easy and convenient. With redesigned and lowered glass bead tanks for the BM 2700 machine, it becomes easier to refill and access bead tanks.


BM 3000

Self-propelled line marking machines for major jobs in the city and on highways.

Approval EU Stage IIIA / US TIER 3

Having a large material capacity and high application speed, the BM 3000 is the perfect line marking machine for any highway road marking job. Its high capacity and compromise between size and manoeuvrability also make the BM 3000 very suitable for major urban line marking jobs.

See a video of the BM 3000 Basic Machine on our YouTube channel.



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